cheesy stuff:

Today I visited my dream house by a relaxation exercise. It was an imagination rehearsal that really had a perfect timing to come. Myabe I should dream more.

The house is a simple box. It's not so big, and it's just a plain, high room with a small kitchen in the corner, spacious windows and a big loft with a huge matress and plenty of big pillows, blankets and other cozy stuff on it. 
I walk inside that house, it's a beutiful day, the yellow sunshine fills in the tall walls. There are sounds that come from the spoons pinging in a tea cup and quiet tapping, no music, just some ordinary, safe everyday life sounds. I climb in the loft and lie down lazy as a cat and just look at the soft colours, warm light, smell the coffee and feel the laid-back atmosphere in the air. Robini is there, he drinks coffee and types something at the computer and there's no place I'd rather be.

Then I open my eyes, realize lying on a floor, get up and face the truht: I love my life.

I hope to get a house like that one day.

Well, enough blathering. (I'm getting so cheesy).

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