So, here we go.
Time flies and my first art exhibition's opening party is in ~ three (3) weeks! Super excitement.
If you happen to visit Stockholm around September or a bit earlier, visit this cozy little design boutique.
Also some Kar-Hu t-shirts/tank tops are going to be sold in Plezuro during the exhibition which should run till the end of September I guess.

At this point I shall get a bit emotional: I really want to THANK YOU, my dear readers, watchers, followers, customers, models, subscribers, artists, DJ's, bloggers, design people, dudes and mom, for all the nice things you've wrote and done to/for me!
Och tack ELIN for running a huge blast fasihion blog!


4 kommenttia:

  1. congrats! there's nothing like the very first exhibition! :)

  2. LILLE! congratulations :))) I wish I could be there to see it! keep up with the wonderful work - truly one of a kind!

  3. Kuinkas sattuikaan. Olen Tukholmassa juuri tuolloin 25. päivä. Pitänee tulla tsekkaamaan, kun sen verran kiinnostavaa materiaalia sinä saat aikaan :) Onneksi olkoon!