The fall edition // from Russia with love

First you do a long and painful color research:
After too many color combinations, when all of them look like black and puke to you, you give up and decide to present the fall edition now and in these colors:


Russian Doll // Black mustard

Russian Doll // Turquoise ketchup 

 F i n a l l y  we've got some company!
You can also get some new company from HERE!

P.S. This is an ode for colors and colorfulness, so feel free to suggest color combinations you think would rock, popjazz or indie hip hop.
I give my word I'll try them out and maybe some get to join the official edition.

6 kommenttia:

  1. voi itku, ihan sellasta vaan, että rakastan tätä blogia.

  2. Joo yhdyn edellisiin. Lov lov<3

  3. these are wonderful! i'm so going to buy one of you! just need to get some money first. you are so talented!

  4. Ahh! Thousand thanks Alexandra!

    Made my day (-:

  5. Aivan ihania piirrustuksia sulla täällä! Oon ihan "blown away". :D