I'm proud to tell, that 11th of January our precious Karhu print turned one year old!
(Which means Karhu was born on 11.1.11, and who could've told that the magic date really turned into a magical year.)

Here's a little tribute to celebrate this very successful year hi and both of us have been through.

The very forefather:

Some sketches that turned into the Karhu print:
(On the right the forefather of the Karhu print, note the similarity)


Karhu's sons:

One of the first Karhu tote bags was sent to Slovakia in the spring of 2011
(These bags were printed by a machine, but as it got too complicated the first screen printing frame was bought in the spring and so started hand printing on t-shirts):

In the summer the printing goes really crazy and people all around Europe gets curious about Karhu. (Especially some folks in Stockholm):

Naturally Karhu joied the exhibition in Stockholm in August:

Then came the Flow Festival and JcDecaux's spot which threw Karhu to the central railway station for a week:

photo by: Jussi Hellsten / Flow Festival

Some holiday photos:

And LOOK what the most awesome Jakob from Stockholm did!

And here we are; In less than a year I've printed almost 200 Karhu shirts that are located in 15 countries, in USA, Europe And Australia.

Thank you. 
For supporting and following our journey.

6 kommenttia:

  1. happy birthday Karhu! one year old and already a legend!

  2. ihanaa lille. maailman paras karhu tuo karhu, sille hyvää syntymäpäivää! pusipus. terveisin osa tukholman fanikannasta eli milja!

  3. happy birthday karhu! i love you :D

  4. Love your linework! You are a big inspiration to my progression in illustration x

    1. Happy to hear that :-)
      I tried to find some of your illustrations but couldn't fine one? Do you have some works online?